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Jun. 29th, 2004 @ 01:56 pm Random (much-needed) Update
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Hi Quartet!
I <3 our new community thing...it's oodles of fun. Um, does it disturb anyone how many other people are interested in mooks? And why is my name the only one of the four of us that isn't in bold type? Ok, anyways, down to the updating...

Dance Recital - went as smooth as it always does...meaning not at all. I danced all right, just other things were mookish. If you ask me, I'll elaborate, otherwise I won't bother typing it all down here.

The new dentist made my gums bleed :( Mook.

Speaking of mooks, Stalkermook guess what?! I finally read Sabriel, and couldn't put it down, so I proceeded to go to Media Play and buy the other two, and now am almost done with Lirael (which is almost as long as book 4 HP, so yeah). Also, my aunt brought over a rather incriminating video tape today of a certain karaoke song from a certain party, that I'm sure this certain mook wouldn't enjoy seeing...lol. It's bad...truly awful. I almost wet my pants.

Laura dreams about me, which I find terribly sweet...I'll have to type out the dream I had the other night, except I can't remember much. Basically it was me following my grandfather down this road on a tricycle, passing a swamp thing, and a latina woman telling us to turn around because we went the wrong way. Ahem...don't know where the hell that came from. I'd much prefer Tim Curry pirate dreams myself.

Hmmm....I saw Secret Window. I felt all smart 'cause I thought I'd figured out the ending...but no. *sigh* Johnny had some good one-liners in it though.

One of my girls from dance proceeded to tell me the other day that Orlando Bloom was hideous. I just glared at her and walked away.

Laura dearest, apparently I was invited to the Oracle picnic (though I have no idea why...I wrote, no, co-wrote one article...but apparently it merits an invitation). So, I'll see you on Thursday if you're going. Yay!
Sarahmook is in Boston for the party...oh well, her loss, lol.

Umm, nothing else really to say....I'll talk to you all soon, I'm sure. I miss you guys already :(

<3 <3 <3 <3